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Coztober 2022: October Art Challenge Features

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

There will be growth where you try-- so always try your best. Being in a creative field can drive you to a corner when it comes to concepts and as you know-- creative blocks are challenging to overcome. But when you do, you come back with more knowledge and strength to carry on. One of the ways you can fight creative blocks is to join in art challenges that feel right for you.

The Coztober art challenge is an art prompt list that I created to encourage artists (including myself) to create fun unique illustrations with the theme "just bCOZ" (pun intended).

As promised, I would like to feature the Coztober entries for October 2022! I will update this blog until the completion of all the prompts.

Note: Each artwork is linked to their respective artists! Feel free to visit their pages.

Day 1-3: Teapots

These are the amazing entries for Day 1-3:

Featured Artists:

Top - from left to right: Vii Ragnvindr, ninastillwithglasses, and anonymous

Bottom - from left to right: cozdeamdraws, escapinglemming, and Ilona Romiszvili

Day 4-6: Ghost with Mask

Are you ready for Day 4-6? There are some interesting entries here!

Featured Artists:

Top - from left to right: Ilona Romiszvili and ninastillwithglasses

Bottom - from left to right: princebrylle and cozdeamdraws

Day 7-9: Llama

If you like llamas, then you are going to like this prompt.

Featured Artists:

Day 10-12: Bow and Arrow

Look at these fierce entries! I love how there's a certain color scheme going on. I didn't get the memo but I think I still did pretty well.

Featured Artists:

Day 13-15: Ice Cubes

Some days you we need to chill-- literally.

Featured Artists:

Day 16: Rest Day

Okay, now-- we really do need to chill. Art challenges may be created to push your creativity to make art outside of your comfort zone. But keep in mind that pushing yourself to the point of burn out is never good regardless if you do art as a hobbyist or as a freelance illustrator.

Day 17-18: Fish on Land

You can really see the distinct art style for each entry in today's prompt!

Featured Artists:

Day 19-21: Grass

There is something therapeutic about looking at greeneries.

Featured Artists:

Day 22-24: Flying Chair

We collectively blanked out on this prompt-- but we came through and made unique pieces!

Featured Artists:

Day 25-27: Skull

Let's get into the Halloween spirit!

Featured Artists:

Day 28-30: Warrior Kitten

Look at these brave cuties.

Featured Artists:

Day 31: Rest Day

Today we bask in our victory! We've completed all the prompts!

That's a Wrap

I had so much fun creating the Coztober drawing challenge, and I am happy about finishing it along with some friends and fellow artists. I am grateful for the support from everyone who liked and shared our entries! This is the first of the many art challenges that I will create. I hope to see you all again for next year's Coztober art challenge!

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