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Sketch Like a Freelance Illustrator in 10 minutes: Tips for Creating Fun Character Sketches

Hey there! Let's embark on a journey to creating stress-free character sketches. Today, we're going to cover how I create my sketches as a freelance illustrator in a fast-paced industry.

But before anything else, I'd like to mention that this guide is based on my art style which is leaning towards a fun and whimsical vibe. You are free to change and adjust it to what feels right for you!

Without further ado, let's go!

Freelance Illustrator Tips for Stress-free Character Sketches

Start with Basic Shapes

I am guilty of overthinking my sketches back in the day, and to be quite honest-- I still find myself being overcritical of something that's only meant to guide me.

I see a lot of artists going through the same struggle, and sometimes, the solution is as simple as starting with basic shapes. Now, how basic are we talking about?

You can create a perfectly stunning character illustration from a stick man. Personally, I work with circles and humanoid-shaped jellies. If I need more defined features, I'll use rectangles.

Use References

I know that drawing from memory or entirely from scratch is impressive. However, if you're going to get stuck on the sketch phase because you're not sure how to do a pose or what you want a character to look like-- then there's no shame in using references.

If you're stuck on sketching poses, you can use a photo of yourself or find some references online. If you're stuck on sketching the facial features you can base your sketch on characters from your favorite show. But as a freelance illustrator, I have clients requesting for the characters to be drawn in their likeness or they provide references of their inspirations-- so I have that going on for me which is nice.

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Let Your Inner Child Takeover

There was a time in our lives when we didn't care about the anatomy or realism in our drawings. We just let our imaginations run wild. Let that part of you handle the sketches because that's how you end up with fun-looking characters and if you're still trying to find your art style-- this can definitely help.

Don't overthink your sketches. Let it be your fun zone! It's not meant to be your final output-- it's only there to guide you. Just go with the flow and have a blast.

Your Artistic Adventure Awaits!

So there you have it, aspiring illustrators! These are the three tips that I personally follow to help my creative juices flow when working on my sketches.

Go back to the basics so that you won't be overwhelmed with details so early in the process. Don't be afraid to use references when you need a little help. And lastly, don't overthink your sketch-- let your inner child take over and sketch to your heart's content beyond the limits of logic!

Embrace the silliness, have fun, and don't forget to mix and match styles to suit your mood! Until next time, keep doodling and let your inner illustrator shine.

Need some inspiration? Check out my video about three different styles you can use to draw your characters.

three ways to draw your characters by freelance illustrator cozdeam draws

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