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Joining an Art Challenge: Make New Illustrator Friends!

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

People in the creative industry, like writers, freelance illustrators, and more, sometimes need a little something to push them to pump up content. Of course, resting is important! You can't squeeze out creative juices when you know full well that you're dry as a desert. You need to give yourself time to rest before you get back out there.

However, preventing burnout and facing a block are two different battles to fight. If you are an illustrator with all the energy to create but no idea what to draw-- you may want to give art challenges a try.

What on Earth Is an Art Challenge?

An art challenge is a themed list of prompts usually made by artists for artists. It is something you can participate in online by simply using the art challenge hashtags or tagging the creator.

The mechanics for art challenges are pretty simple. You just need to create art based on the words or phrases on the prompt list. Then you post your artwork online with the related hashtags and tags.

Using the art challenge hashtags is important because it allows you and other artists to see who else is doing the challenge. You get to find new artist friends and your art gets to reach more audiences.

If you are a freelance illustrator, art challenges are great for expanding your portfolio. You get to challenge yourself to make each word on the prompt list your own.

Finding the Best Art Challenge

Art prompts have been around for quite a while, but I did not know about them until 2016 when joined my very first art challenge. It was the Inktober art challenge, and I attempted to make it through all 30-days, which I failed-- and that is okay.

Although Inktober is one of the most well-known art challenges for October, there are prompt lists available throughout the year. The best art challenge is the one that inspires you to create. I know this sounds cheesy, but the best solution is the one that works.

Try the COZtober Art Challenge: For Busy Freelance Illustrators and Hobbyists

Art challenges usually have one prompt a day which can be daunting for busy artists. I created COZtober with the theme "just beCOZ" and it does not follow a one art per day format.

This art challenge is created with busy freelance artists and hobbyists in mind. I've created a list of art prompts to help challenge creativity without the pressure of a short daily time limit.

cozdeam COZtober art prompt list for freelance illustrators and hobbyist this October 2022

Please feel free to join COZtober! Use the hashtags #coztober #coztober2022 or tag me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

I will feature EVERYONE who will use my prompt on my social media pages and my website. Hoping to make new friends.

Join me as I explore this theme. Improve your skills with me and showcase your work! I'm hoping to help fellow artist boost their reach as I work on mine as well.

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